French Military Operation in Niger: Algerian Airspace Closed, Morocco Grants Overflight

Algeria Rejects French Overflight Request, Morocco's Approval Raises Concerns

BY: Hana Saada

ALGIERS, August 22, 2023-In a developing geopolitical saga, the imminent French military intervention in Niger has taken a contentious turn. As tensions escalate, Algeria has resolutely denied French planes passage through its airspace, while Morocco has granted the requested overflight rights. The region braces for potential ramifications as neighboring nations take divergent stands on the matter.

Sources privy to the situation confirm that France is steadfast in its determination to execute its threats of military action following the deposition of Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum. Indications of France’s commitment come in the form of an elaborate military strategy devised to facilitate this intervention.


Algeria’s Unyielding Stand

Algeria, known for its commitment to principled diplomacy, has staunchly opposed the use of force and military intervention from the outset of the crisis. Demonstrating unwavering adherence to its values, Algeria decisively rejected France’s request to utilize its airspace for an offensive against Niger. Algiers’ response is unequivocal, highlighting its commitment to remaining a responsible neighbor and not being drawn into acts of aggression against fellow nations.

In a statement issued by Algerian authorities, the nation reinforced its stance, asserting its unwavering commitment to maintaining regional stability and peaceful solutions to conflicts. The nation’s refusal to allow its airspace to be used as a conduit for military operations underscores its dedication to upholding international norms and principles.


Morocco’s Controversial Move

In light of Algeria’ steadfast refusal, France turned to Morocco to secure permission for its military planes to traverse Moroccan airspace. After thorough review, Moroccan authorities granted the requested overflight rights to the French military aircraft. This decision, however, has raised concerns among international observers.

Critics argue that Morocco’s acquiescence to the French request echoes a certain expansionist approach reminiscent of historical colonialism. Some liken this move to a breach of international law, evoking the contentious history of neocolonial aggressions against neighboring nations. This decision by Morocco follows a pattern that has caught the attention of global stakeholders, as it could potentially contribute to regional instability.


BRICS Summit and Regional Implications

Adding an additional layer of complexity, the imminent French military operation coincides with the BRICS Summit taking place in Johannesburg. The summit has notably excluded both French President Emmanuel Macron and the Moroccan delegation due to concerns over their respective roles in the geopolitical landscape. This decision underscores the growing unease with actions that could destabilize regions and compromise diplomatic efforts.

As this situation unfolds, questions linger about the broader impact of these decisions on regional dynamics, international relations, and the pursuit of lasting peace. With Algeria maintaining its commitment to peaceful resolution and Morocco’s willingness to provide airspace to a military campaign, the region’s stability hangs in the balance.


Translated from: Algerie54


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