National Conference on English, Translation in Algerian Islamic Faculties: Call for Papers

Call for Papers and Collaboration in Religious and Linguistic Discourse

BY: Hana Saada

ALGIERS- The Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Algiers is organizing the first National Conference on English and Translation, a significant event in collaboration with the Laboratory of Sharia, Laboratory of Research Methods in Islamic Sciences, and the Laboratory of Translation and Interdisciplinarity. The conference aims to explore the intersection between English language education and the practice of translation as tools for narrative and communicative processes in religious discourse, particularly in the context of Islamic proselytism.

Key Information:
– Honorary Chairmen: Prof. Fares Mokhtari, Dean of the University of Algiers 1, and Prof. Said Rahmani, Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.
Conference Chairwoman: Dr. Houda Boulahia.

-Scientific Committee President: Pr. Yasmine KELLOU (Director of the Laboratory of Translation and Interdisciplinarity- University of Algiers 2)

– Important Dates:
– Abstract submission deadline: 07 February 2024
– Notification of acceptance: 07 March 2024
– Paper submission deadline: 10 April 2024
– Conference dates: 24-25 April 2024
– Conference Languages: English, French, Arabic, Tamazight (Priority to English submissions).
– Conference Venue: Faculty of Islamic Sciences, El-Magharia, Hussein Dey, Algiers.

Call for Papers:
The conference welcomes contributions in English, French, Arabic, and Tamazight, exploring topics related to English language promotion at Islamic institutes in Algeria, language teaching methods, religious translation, and the use of English for conveying Islamic values. The call extends to researchers, academics, and professionals interested in the synergy between language education and religious communication.

The conference recognizes the historical role of translation in the dissemination of religion and science, emphasizing the significance of English as the contemporary language of science and communication. Aligning with Algeria’s policy to promote English in education, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences seeks to enhance English language proficiency to serve its intellectual and religious objectives. The conference addresses global Islamophobia by emphasizing the need for accurate translations to convey Islamic values and counter misconceptions.

Submission Guidelines:
– Abstracts of approximately 300 words, in the language of the paper and English, should be submitted to by 07 February 2024.
– Submissions must be original, unpublished, and not under another review.
– Individual or co-authored submissions are welcome.

Participation in the conference is free of charge, and outstanding papers will have the opportunity for publication in laboratory journals. The conference represents a unique platform for scholars and professionals to contribute to the discourse on English language education and translation in the context of Islamic studies.



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